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Personalized Fitness From The Comfort Of Your Home - On Your Schedule!

At Success Fitness Studio, located on the Upper East Side of New York, we are proud to offer a personal training solution that provides optimum convenience for our clients. Our In-home personal training program is the perfect way to receive individual fitness attention in the comfort of your own home.

Our personal trainers will work with you to achieve any goal you are trying to reach. Many of our in-home personal training clients have specific wight loss goals they are aiming to achieve. Our customized workouts will help you work towards your goal by performing exercises on specific equipment that gets your heart racing and your muscles working!

Benefits of In-Home Personal Training on The Upper East Side

With in-home personal training you get all the benefits of regular personal training, plus more! Besides customized fitness plans, individual attention, and extra motivation and support, you get:

  • Convenience - Don’t worry about squeezing in a workout in those 45 minutes you have free after work. In-home personal training cuts out all the extra driving time, so you can use your full time working towards results!
  • Attentiveness - Your home is much more free of distractions, so you can focus all of your attention towards your trainer.
  • Comfort - Many feel that gyms are not the ideal atmosphere for conducting product work outs. It is typical to feel overwhelmed or self conscious when you are surrounded by an abundance of machines and constantly comparing yourself to others. At home, all of these factors are not a problem.

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