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What’s the difference between a personal trainer and a Success Fitness Studio trainer?

At Success Fitness Studio, we don’t count reps. Our work is focused on partnering with our clients and seeing them as holistic individuals with unique needs and desires. We work together to create a customized roadmap to help get you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future. Unlike other gyms, our studio specializes in movement. Through 3-dimensional, integrated, and progressive movement, we are able to work on the mind and body from the inside-out; not just on the surface of an outside-in approach. We want your success beyond short-term change – we are completely invested and engagement in your long-term transformation.

 You talk a lot about ‘movement’ – what does that mean?

Founder of Success Fitness Studio, Santiago McCarthy, is obsessed with the power of movement. Santi exclaims, “Movement is physical expression of your neurological process – both mind and body. It’s all based in neuroscience. Once we can understand what the brain is telling the body, we can transform anyone’s physical experience.” In layman’s terms, exercise is a usually a pre-determined movement. Most exercises at traditional gyms, for example, are forced into a repetitive box (ie. a squat or push-up). Movement is much bigger than this concept of exercise. Movement is interaction with environment  - there is a trigger and a response. Through motion, our body responds with feedback and it is able to heal, strengthen, and transform from the inside-out. Ultimately, movement is life.

 Who trains at Success Fitness Studio?

 At Success Fitness Studio, we are the bridge between physical therapy and performance. We believe in helping our clients lead their strongest and most profound lives – we help achieve this quality of life through movement. Our clients vary as much as their fitness goals. People who are in pain and cannot move easily; people who have sustained an injury and can’t seem to recover; people who do not see enough progress through their traditional workouts; people who have had a bad experience at traditional gyms; people who don’t like to work out but know that they need to; people with specific fitness or weight-loss goals; athletes who want to reach their next level of performance; and people who believe in the power of the mind-body connection in fitness. 

 What is the Success Fitness Studio experience like?

 We are a small, personalized, intimate community of movement specialists and trainers. You will feel as if you are training in your own private gym. There are no boundaries or judgment at Success Fitness Studio. You will feel the warmth and passion of our trainers as well as the commitment and inspiration of our clients. When you enter the studio, don't expect a traditional gym experience: you’ll notice no machines, no shoes*, green turf flooring, and an immediate sense of possibility.

 * Shoes are optional. The barefoot workout actually strengthens weak leg muscles and the green turf decreases impact on bones and joints. The sensorial information that is experienced through the skin and floor contact allows for even deeper results.

 I’m ready to get started. What can I expect from my first session?

 Our first session is all about exploration. Your trainer will listen as you share all of your health and wellness goals. Together, we will discuss and take a look at everything that’s going on in your body and its range of movement – any pains or discomforts, limitations, past injuries, etc. We will also assess your patterns of movement in an integrated, 3-dimensional way so we can determine the best path towards alignment. Unlike most gyms, we believe in strength-based development so we will work with what your body does well naturally to enhance any limitations. Once we complete the discovery session, we will create a customized plan to get you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.  What to bring? Clothes that you are comfortable in and an open mind!

 I want to come to Success Fitness Studio with my friend – can we work out together?

Absolutely! We would recommend our semi-private coaching offering where you can share the cost of a private training session with up to two other people. Your trainer will customize the movement experience to your level of need and desire while your friends might be experiencing the same movement in a completely different way. Our semi-private workouts also allow for you to enjoy the fun and accountability with friends! If you would like to take part in the semi-private training but don’t have a partner, we would be happy to connect you with other clients who are looking for the same shared experience.

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