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As personal trainers, we focus on mentoring and coaching our clients toward their fitness goals. Our approach is rooted in movement and is both integrated and 3-dimensional. People often get lost in the "gap" between Physical Therapy and "normal" activity — this is where we specialize. By meeting client where they are — mental, physically, and emotionally — we partner together to work through any pain or discomfort in all three planes of motion. From there, we help clients develop strength, enhance balance, and create endurance for their unique and ultimate performance.

We utilize the tenets of applied functional science (AFS), as the cornerstone of our approach to working with clients. It combines multiple scientific disciplines (physical, biological and behavioral) as a basis for trainers to assess their clients’ ability to move and function in their day-to-day lives. These basic principles can be equally applied to clients no matter age, physical conditioning or disability. We use this information to develop customized programs and strategies which:


  • Improve sports training and overall conditioning
  • Aid in post injury rehabilitation
  • Prevent future injury


Success Fitness Studio is more than just another gym; we’re a community. We work hard to create an enjoyable atmosphere for our clients, filled with camaraderie and mutual respect while helping them reach their goals.

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