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We know that joining a new gym or community is hard. But there are things you can do to get the most out of your time with your coach and training partners.  Here are the five we feel most passionate about; feel free to let us know if there others that you think should make the list.



1.     Show up:  We all have days where we just don’t feel up to a tough workout.  But one of the keys to fitness progress is to be consistent. On those days when you feel less enthusiastic, still show up and give 100% of what you are capable of giving that day.  100% effort on a 20% day is better than 0% any day.  

SUCCESS is consistency.

2.     Be Patient:  We’ve all seen the television shows where participants lose 23 pounds in a week or seen professional athletes who gain 5 pounds of muscle in a month. But this is the real world if you are consistent in your workout and your eating habits, you will see progress – but each body will respond at its own pace.  

SUCCESS is a gradual progression.

3.     Don’t Compare:
  Each person is different and will respond to their workouts at “their own pace”. You are your best competition in the studio. Look at how you improve and progress over time, now how you are doing compared with your session mate.  

SUCCESS is an individual experience.

4.     Be Respectful:
  Beyond building stronger, healthier bodies, we are building a supportive community in a relatively small space. Be respectful of your session mates, your trainer, the equipment and yourself.  A little common courtesy and respect will make the experience more pleasant for everyone.

SUCCESS and courtesy are contagious.

5.     Ask Questions:  We have a well trained and educated staff of certified fitness professionals and are here to help you understand the changes you are experiencing, as your body grows stronger.  Feel free to ask questions, if we don’t have answers, we will help you find them.  

SUCCESS is being proactive.

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