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  • I don't write too many Yelp reviews, but I felt it necessary to write about Success Fitness Studio. I had horrible sciatic pains starting from my lower back and running down my left leg. I could barely walk, I would wake up in the middle of the night, and I was in excruciating pain every time I sat down and stood up. I tried acupuncture which helped a bit. I went to a doctor who prescribed me anit-inflammatory pills and sent me to physical therapy which didn't help at all. My doctor told me the next step was steroid shots or an operation. I'm a healthy 36 year old, and the thought of getting a back operation was crazy to me. I met with Success Fitness after someone recommended me, and he told me within 3-4 months I would be pain free. It was a slow process, and it took more like 6 months to be completely pain free, but I am. I have moved on from the basics, and am now doing strength and agility exercises. Their philosophy makes sense and I've learned exercises and stretches that I will do on my own for the rest my life. I'm an absolute believer in their practice and I am extremely grateful for what they have done for me. I would HIGHLY recommend checking them out if you are having back pain or other injuries that general conditioning isn't curing. DON'T get surgery before meeting with them!

    Evan O.
  • I have trained with Santiago since 2005 and have achieved excellent results. After several back surgeries, Santiago is one of the few trainers I trusted to strengthen my core and tone my body without injury. He is highly experienced, extremely knowledgeable, and a wonderful person who genuinely cares about his clients. I recently moved out of the city and drive into the city 1.5 hours to continue training with him 3-4 days a week. His studio also has a very comfortable atmosphere. Everyone should have a Santiago in their corner!

    Sharon W.
  • Success is the workout of the future! Santiago has designed the perfect space, designed a brilliant workout philosophy and has partnered with super trainers that are 100% client-focused. The fitness world, especially in Manhattan, is filled with high-pressured salespeople, gimmicky pricing structures and trainers who are more focused on themselves than the client, not Success Fitness, Santi, Liz and Sergio; they are the real deal.

    As someone who travels 60% of the time, I have found the workouts easy to remember and replicate wherever I am. Both my husband and I swear by the "matrix" we learned at Success and make it a daily part of our life now. This brief routine (only a small part of the regular workout) has completely eliminated my chronic back pain and the obvious stiffness one feels after a 9 hour flight.

    The team at Success are both fun to be with and focused and a refreshing change from most other NYC gyms. You have to try to believe it!

    Cheryl B.
  • Love these guys! Sergio and Santiago are amazing trainers, who do it all.

    I work with Sergio one-on-one, and it's a highlight of my day. Sergio is amazing at what he does, and if you need a new trainer, check out these guys.

    They're more than just trainers, they're life coaches. The studio is fun, the people are amazing, and for those who have sessions in the early morning there is coffee just in case!

    Jason E.
  • Hands down one of the best trainers I have ever encountered. He's an awesome human being who pushes you just enough to challenge you, yet keep you loving working out. Wish he was closer to me!

    Alya Leybishkis
  • Love this place. Best trainers in New York City. I work with Sergio, and he's awesome!

    Jason Edelman
  • Sergio & Santiago are amazing! I've been skating since I was 8 years old, and I'm 28 now. I've been through a handful of injuries and surgeries, most recently my right shoulder. I severely dislocated it twice, and had to wait 1.5 years to get my surgery done by the orthopedist I wanted to see, due to the NY Health Exchange's minimal open enrollment periods.

    After seeing working with 5+ different Therapist's at 2 separate offices, I felt as if I was still recovering, and unable to find someone who could give me the necessary One on One I needed.

    Sergio and Santiago are dedicated to observing your body movements and quickly noticing problems with movement, posture, balance, etc. Sergio has bridged the gap between a physical therapist and a personal trainer. I'd recommend Success Fitness Studio to anyone looking to gain a better sense of their own body and learn how to fix it. Whether your recovering from an injury, trying to break bad posture/movement habits, or looking to get in shape with a mindful and refreshing group of trainers.

    Thanks guys!

    Christian D.
  • I have had back and shoulder problems for the past few years and whenever I would start working out, the pain would get worse. I started seeing Santi a few months ago to fix this problem, and right away, he was able to pinpoint what was causing my pain and come up with an exercise plan that would fix it. Since that time, not only has my pain gone away, but I feel my body getting stronger and leaner. Now, thanks to Santi, I can finally work out without being scared that I will aggravate my injuries.

    I have worked out with many trainers before but no one has been nearly as knowledgeable as Santi. He has many degrees and certifications, which all are a part of Santi's deep understanding of the human body. I have learned so much from the wisdom he shares during our sessions. In fact, Santi has such a great personality, and is so passionate and enthusiastic, that I often forget how much I usually dislike working out. I was never one to want to push myself in the gym, but now I find myself working out harder than ever before and truly enjoying my sessions. The hour flies by.

    Santi is genuinely concerned with the well being of all of his clients. Santi's care for each client, together with his unparalleled knowledge, makes each client feel that they are in the best of hands. I feel lucky to have found Santi and privileged to be working with him.

    Jessica S.
  • As someone who dreads working out I never thought I'd become the type of person who finds working out stress relieving. John, Santiago, and the other trainers are nothing short of amazing! If you are in pain they never push you to the point that you could end up hurt. And best of all their studio is inside of a Physical Therapy facility. It doesnt get any safer and better than that. I couldn't offer a higher recommendation.

    Miguela S.
  • The studio is great! It is bright and clean, with lots of different equipment. But what really makes the gym great are trainers. They are so knowledgeable and friendly. It is such a supportive and comfortable environment to workout in. I workout with Sergio now, and before that with Liz, both are great trainers and make the workouts fun and challenging, along with working around some injuries I have. I have gotten so much stronger and I look forward to it every week!

    Julia N.

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